“Lauren definitely makes a wonderful impression on everyone that meets her. Everywhere she goes they all comment on how wonderful she is and for that I am so happy and blessed that she is involved in my mom’s life even if it’s only visiting once a week.

Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart. I really could not have done this without your help and efforts.

Have a wonderful week.

Thank you,

Sherry R.”

“To Whom it May Concern:
We had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Karen Greene and Hired Hearts for the past 6 years. What led to our business relationship was unfortunately 5 months of being ripped off by supposedly legitimate elder care agencies…..consider yourselves warned. This happens more than anyone wants to admit.
I personally took charge of interviewing candidate firms to rip and replace the agency with the big name and allegedly professional ethics. When I first researched firms I added Hired Hearts to my list despite some trepidation about using a smaller firm.
Based on 6 years of working with Hired Hearts and Karen, here are a list of what I have experienced and view as the key strengths of working with Karen and her team:
1) Integrity – I can vouch for her integrity as demonstrated many times over the past 6 years.
2) Emergencies – When things go wrong and your loved one is in the ER, this is where Hired Hearts excels. They go on-site and will cut through both ER and hospital red tape, as well as ensuring that the best and most immediate care is administered quickly and effectively. Karen personally saved our Mom’s life – multiple times. Without her commanding presence on-site, your loved one is at risk.
3) Medicare and Insurance Billing – Not sure about you, but trying to understand how Medicare and other insurance works is a full time job. Another one of Hired Hearts strengths is making sure that the maximum amount of applicable benefits are legally applied. It’s an incredible part of their service.It also is a huge time savings on the part of family or Guardians. Without her experience this would be time consuming to the point of madness.
4) Quality of care – Excellent staff that was ahead of any kinds of medical or health issues for the ward. They are incredibly experienced in reviewing doctor, clinic and outpatient visits. Doctors and Nurses are human, they make mistakes. HH and Karen are there to ensure that they don’t make mistakes.
Jeff E
Scottsdale, Arizona”

“Hi Karen,

I’d like to first thank you and Marion for your services over the last year and several months…

As you probably know Mom’s physical health has been declining and is limited to home hospice care at this point.

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help Mom and our family, you literally are life savers!

Please give Marion our thanks and appreciation as well…


“Dear Karen,
Jaime and I can’t find the words to express our deep appreciation for all that you did for Mary during her last weeks, as well as for us. Your assistance made a challenging and stressful situation as bearable as it possibly could be. We would have been lost without you.
All our best
Kathryn & Jaime”


“Dear Karen,
Now that the events of the past month are beginning to settle down, I thought that I would drop you a note. Mom’s passing has been difficult, as it signals the end of that generation. Phyllis and I were back down to dismantle the house, and as would be expected many memories flooded back.
I know that our Mom could be difficult and in the last year of life she was very hard to reason with and work with to try to make her life easier. You somehow were able to come into her and our lives and gain her trust. She always looked forward to the time she spent with you and she often complained that she wanted to spend more time with you. That compliment speaks for itself!
I would like to thank you for all you did for my Mom, and for all you did for us. You made I easier for us to stay on top of what was happening with her while allowing us to comply with her desire to retain her independence. You were our “eyes” in Florida. I hope that you know that you made mom’s final months a bit brighter with your visits. You are a special person and you have my heartfelt thanks…


“To Karen,
I wanted to express my gratitude for the support, care and insight you have given to my parents. It takes a special person to work with the elderly. I am very happy that we have brought you into our lives.
With sincere appreciation,
B. Green”


“Dear Karen,
We are indebted to you for so many things, providing the thoughtful care and attention to both Mom & Dad during their last months with us and now your generous donation to the First Presbyterian Church in Dad’s memory. As you know, the church was important in their lives and now Plumbs Nursery will provide a lasting legacy for it’s children.
Thank you for attending Dad’s memorial service and for ALL your love and concern over the last year and a half. Your support and advice was invaluable. Stay well…
The Plumb Family”


“Dear Karen:
Our sincere thanks for your kindness and help with Ira’s surgery , both post –op and pre-op. You were so caring and concerned and for that we are very grateful. Hope you are well, in good health and with much joy.
Sly & Ira”


“The services that Karen provided from Hired Hearts were excellent. In one instance before the hurricane Katrina was to hit Florida, she called to reassure me that my Father’s needs were being met and things were in place. I used bigger companies before Hired Hearts and got lost in the shuffle. With Hired Hearts, one receives more personal attention.
Thank you Karen…


“Dear Karen:
In the two years we been patients you have been a concerned and compassionate professional. We appreciate greatly the courtesies you have extended to us.
Mr. & Mrs. Kaplan”


“Hi Karen:
I hope things are going well with you.
I thought you might like to know that my Mother, Polly Marquis, died on her 104th birthday. Though she was slowly losing her ability to speak, she was mobile and enjoying life up to approximately 3 weeks before her death, when she suddenly became bedridden. She passed peacefully at home with Margaret and I by her side. She had a wonderful and long life. Needless to say, I miss her, but I am glad her passing was painless and she did so well for so long.
Thanks for your support in an earlier stage in her life.


I have been thinking about you quite a bit over the last several weeks. Just a year ago we were tending to Dad making sure he was as comfortable as possible, while on his journey.
I can’t thank you enough for your help & support. It meant a lot to me both as a client and and a friend.
Hope all is going well for you and your family.


“Dear Karen:
On behalf of our entire family I want to thank you got your generous contribution to the Bethesda Foundation in memory of my Mom, Evelyn. As you know, she had extended care at Bethesda Hospital and we are grateful that other patients will receive out-standing care in her honor. In addition, Karen, I cannot thank you enough for your personal involvement and support on behalf of both my Mom & Dad. Your presence with me in the hospital on her last day will never be forgotten. And now, my Dad looks forward to your visits, and I am confident with your supervision of his care, that he will continue to recover.
Thank you again for everything, especially your devotion to our family above and beyond your job description!


“Dear Karen:
Thank you again for your immediate response and caring, We hope with your help, it will not be a permanent endeavor. Thank you…