Thank you for your donation

Dearest Donor,

We got back from our trip to South Sudan in May. We met with our local volunteers, government officials, and tribal leaders to check on the progress and development of our initiative there. While the political and economic situation in thee country is bleak, there is hope on the horizon. We went back to villages where we had delivered goats a year ago. When we first arrived, the recipients had the tell-tale signs of malnutrition. There hair was turning orange, their stomachs were bloated, and their eyes were yellow. When we went back and visited these same villages these signs had virtually disappeared and the citizens are much healthier, stronger, and independent. 

We are now working with these same villages on critical next steps towards education, medicine and sustainability. Meanwhile, we will continue to expand our goat initiative to neighboring villages and areas in need as indicated by the locals. We will begin sending out a monthly newsletter keeping you updated on our work. We are very excited with these results and we know that it would not be possible without YOU! The people of South Sudan thank you! 
Attached is the photo of a recipient receiving the goat that a YOU donated.  We apologize if the words on the photo are small or fuzzy in some cases. In an effort to provide jobs, we employ as many locals as possible throughout the delivery and photo-taking process. We are still training them and sometimes this means that we sacrifice quality on the photos. We hope that you will understand. If you would like I can photoshop it to make it look clearer, but I wanted you to see the original version unedited so that you have proof that the photo was unaltered.
We hope you will think of us in the future.  In addition to goats, you can donate a wheelchair, purchase a “Survivors’ Heart” to help the women of South Sudan, or make a general donation to support our programs there.  Whatever you can do, and for what you have done, we are most appreciative!

Best wishes,

Codi Peterson
GEMS Development Foundation